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Get your Micros-compatible gift cards today and start giving your customers more choices. We offer various gift cards compatible with Micros POS systems, so you can easily manage your customer loyalty and rewards programs.

Gift Cards for MICROS Systems

The level of technology in the world at large knows no bounds, and the best part is it keeps advancing. As a business owner, keeping up with technology trends is the best way to maintain a successful business. If you have a Micros system, you might want to consider having micros gift cards available to your customers. Micros POS gift cards were designed to help simplify the transaction process for both businesses and customers. Micros compatible gift cards can be ordered through Micros Integrated Payments, and you are sure to get the best from us.
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What are micros gift cards?

A Micros gift card is a card that is compatible with the Micros system and can be used to pay for products or can be gifted to friends and loved ones. It is most useful, especially if you have a customer loyalty reward program; you can easily reward your loyal customers with a Micros gift card. Micros compatible gift card provides users with multiple avenues to gift or make purchases. They can use digital gift cards, magnetic gift cards, or wallets. Providing numerous payment options for customers will increase the number of purchases made and boost sales. Here at Micros Integrated Payments, we can help you provide a gift card program that is compatible with your Micros POS and suitable for you and your customers. Micros POS gift cards have a specific amount (the denomination purchased by the customer or the value of the reward), it does not have an expiration date, so customers can redeem it at any time.

How do micros gift cards work?

A Micros 3700 gift card can be sold to customers for their own use or to be given as a gift to their loved ones. It can also be given to customers or employees as a reward. Micros POS gift cards are generated just like a sale is generated on the Micros POS. Micros compatible gift cards work like credit cards; all the user needs to do is swipe the card through a POS system or other transactional systems at the point of sale. If the card is being purchased, the denomination of the card’s amount will be generated based on the request made by the customer. In addition, if it comes as a reward, the value of the reward will be generated on the card as well.
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How can I use a Micros POS gift card to make a purchase?

The instructions on making purchases with the Micros POS gift cards are easy to comprehend and work with. The process is as follows.
• It has to be enabled in the settings that you are using a Micros gift card.
• “Gift card” then appears as a payment method.
• If you are using a card, all you have to do is swipe the Micros gift card through the Micros point of sale system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a Micros gift card is one of the safest ways to make purchases online, as each card is customized only for one user and has just a specific amount of money. The money in the card depends on the amount of the purchased gift card or the reward to be redeemed. In addition, it is not connected to your credit card in any way, and its details are completely secured.
Using a Micros gift card is one of the safest ways to make purchases online, as each card is customized only for one user and has just a specific amount of money. The money in the card depends on the amount of the purchased gift card or the reward to be redeemed. In addition, it is not connected to your credit card in any way, and its details are completely secured.

Our Micros compatible gift cards come with fantastic features that will greatly benefit your business and your customers. These features include;
Loyalty, reward, and recognition programs: To gain more in business, you need to be able to sacrifice a little. Showing appreciation to loyal customers by rewarding them with gift cards will help secure the bond between you and the customers and attract more customers to your business. With Micros Integrated Payments micros gift cards, you can make your loyalty reward and recognition programs unique and productive.
Employee Meal programs: Employees are one of the most vital assets for businesses, and the way you treat them reflects on the progress level of the business. Employee meal programs are an excellent way to appreciate and encourage your employees, and you can easily do so with our Micros 3700 gift cards.
Guest recognition: You can easily reward new users visiting your sites for the first time with micros gift cards. This will encourage them to do business with you and even return for more of your services.
Rewards by auto discount or coupons based on points earned or dollars spent: Micros compatible gift cards come in various forms, and this is one of them. The gift card reward could be an automatic discount when a purchase is made, or it could be in the form of a coupon.
Vouchers, Museums, and Amusement Parks: The gift cards a not only customized to be spent on your site or business. You can also give your loyal customers vouchers for recreational activities.
Barcode & RFID scanning: Our micros POS gift cards can also come in the form of a barcode that requires scanning, and the reward will be revealed.
Micros POS gift cards can serve different purposes and come in various forms, but you need to get compatible gift cards with your Micros point of sale system. Micros Integrated Payments will provide you with the right gift card for your business.

There are no extra charges inclusive when using a Micros gift card. The procedures involved when using or purchasing micro POS gift cards are straightforward. If it is a reward, you get the card for free and use it for free without charge. If the customer intends to purchase the Micros gift card for a friend or family, payments will only be made, but the usage is free, without hidden charges. Our Micros POS gift card services are trusted and transparent at Micros Integrated Payments. We provide your business with the access to create a standard gift card system for your customers and your general need as well. Request a callback to learn more information about the Micros gift card program for your restaurant.
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We offer a range of technology solutions for Micros. Our solutions include free 24/7 POS support, integrated credit card processing, EMV chip readers, Apple Pay, signature-capture, gift cards, integrated online ordering, ordering and payments with QR codes and mobile payments.
These solutions are designed to be fast, secure, and easy to use, ensuring that businesses can process transactions quickly and efficiently. All our solutions can integrate with the Micros Oracle POS, allowing businesses to manage all aspects of their payment processing from a single platform.


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