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Oracle Micros Hospitality POS are powerful solutions for the hospitality industry. Micros Hospitality Management System helps hotels, resorts, restaurants, and more to streamline operations, improve guest experiences, and increase profitability.

Micros Hospitality Management System

Efficient and seamless self-service is key to increasing customer experience in the hospitality industry. As the market changes, staying up-to-date with the best management system that aims at driving a business vision is the right thing to do. With Oracle Hospitality POS, your payment operations for all properties and events are safe and secure. Micros Hospitality Management System is suited for all businesses in the hospitality industry. Its mission is to provide and support businesses with hardware/software products and help create a high-efficiency level of work to boost and enable sales.

The benefits of the Oracle Hospitality Systemare enjoyed not only by business owners or employees but also by the customers as transactions at the point of sales are delivered fast and safely.

At MICROS INTEGRATED PAYMENTS, our goal is to provide you with the best micros hospitality systems to assist you in running a productive hospitality business.

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What is the Oracle Hospitality Point of Sale (POS) system?

The Oracle Hospitality POS is a technology that affords businesses smart ways to offer their best services seamlessly. Micros Oracle Hospitality innovation makes the payment for products and services easy and fast. In addition, its cloud-based support system allows users to enjoy micros hospitality gestures in over 180 countries. The Oracle Hospitality POS has been a vital part of the overall world of the hospitality industry. After replacing the analog cash register system, Micros hospitality management system helped and is still helping improve many hospitality businesses, especially restaurants.

There are different micros hospitality management systems, and each of them has its unique features, and they come in various shapes and sizes as well. These systems are purchased by customers based on the size of their business and the features they want on their systems. Oracle Hospitality POS can be customized according to the customer’s specifications and, of course, the price the customer is willing to pay. The higher the features of a Micros POS, the higher the price.

What are the key features of the Micros Oracle Hospitality Management System?

The micros hospitality management system is a comprehensive and robust technology, and its features are amazing, effective, and easy to access. Some of the key features include;

  • Quick and easy check-in and out: The system’s less complex and favourable interface makes check-in and outs and other point-of-sale services fast and easy.
  • Strong security and efficient reservation management for a rich Micros hospitality experience: Required services are organized and arranged simultaneously to help provide seamless service to customers and make the job easier for the employees.
  • System integration: Different systems can be synchronized, and this can be done easily. Sales can easily be monitored and controlled through this procedure. 
  • Self-service portal on mobiles: Anyone can use the micros system, including customers. Personally, details from both the customer and business are completely safe.

Many other features and user privileges are to be discovered and enjoyed when using the Micros hospitality management system. Micros Oracle Hospitality connects management, sales, POS, and even guest rooms in one place in flawless daily operations. MICROS INTEGRATED PAYMENTS have various Oracle Hospitality Systems with outstanding features.

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How does the Micros Hospitality system help businesses manage their operations?

With the power of Oracle POS, businesses can keep track of transactions and operations. No matter the number or size of personal or corporate properties, micros hospitality management systems can be operated on fixed and mobile devices for easy access and efficiency. In addition, it takes note of costs, management procedures, and daily or weekly reports of operations while giving time for users to give more attention to customer satisfaction and other vital areas. Micros Oracle Hospitality manages all employee inventory, menu, gift and loyalty, reservation, and other essential management aspects. The system is a complete all-in-one system required for a successful business.

A small-scale business can achieve significant growth without employing a huge staff body with the Micros Hospitality Management System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Micros Hospitality targets businesses in the hospitality industry. These include restaurants, travel, transportation, tourism, casinos, recreation centers, coffee shops, and hotels. It also offers services to sports and entertainment sectors and similar businesses that need the Micros Oracle Hospitality. The unique and smart Oracle hospitality POS gives businesses in this category a huge relief with its easy payment procedures. Customers can serve themselves without the usual stress and get their orders on time and correctly.

Micros Hospitality targets businesses in the hospitality industry. These include restaurants, travel, transportation, tourism, casinos, recreation centers, coffee shops, and hotels. It also offers services to sports and entertainment sectors and similar businesses that need the Micros Oracle Hospitality. The unique and smart Oracle hospitality POS gives businesses in this category a huge relief with its easy payment procedures. Customers can serve themselves without the usual stress and get their orders on time and correctly.

The Micros hospitality management system is appealing and easy to learn and understand. Users have no worries accessing the simple application from fixed or mobile devices. Data security is airtight, and information leakage issues are non-existent. The Oracle Hospitality POS is built on unrivaled security and can survive constant use. The user interface is simple, with amazing display options.

We are all about simplicity and productivity, and this reflects totally on the machines we provide you with. So you can boost sales with ease and at a good price as well.

Just like other applications, whether hardware or software, users make initial payments. Once payment is made, users get free installation and demos on the spot. While prices may differ for every product a user orders, Micros hospitality technical team takes it up from there. With a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan, users enjoy Micros Oracle Hospitality for as long as they want. Fees may apply to fast-track the process in case of any replacement. For example, if an Oracle Hospitality POS is faulty, the team will fix it based on Micros Oracle Hospitality policy and guidelines. MICROS INTEGRATED PAYMENTS is known for providing transparent services, and we maintain that reputation on a daily basis. You will be charged based on the system you go for and your plans, too, no hidden charge inclusive.
Customers of the Micros Oracle Hospitality Management System have nothing to worry about. With a fast customer relationship team, Oracle support give attention to issues related to the use of the application. Customer support issues are made available to all users. 24/7, all the user needs to do is contact the number written on the letter received with the Micros POS system. Are you in need of where to get quality Micros Oracle hospitality management system? We’ve got you covered at MICROS INTEGRATED PAYMENTS. Just tell us what you want and the features you are looking out for. Get in touch with us today!
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Dzhalsan Erdniev
Dzhalsan Erdniev
Thanks to Max’s insightful recommendations, our payment system is now more efficient and secure. We appreciate his commitment to finding solutions that meet our business needs
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Valeria Sangaeva
Thanks to Max! He is always ready to help with chargebacks, responds quickly and processes all documents. We have been working with him for many years. Highly recommend 👍
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Victoria Artemenko
Great company and great service! I’ve been running a small salon and my technology is always up to date. Folks at Smart Payment Solutions are definitely on top of their game!
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Chris Lypides
Thank you Max for providing top notch service!
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Ramesh Jangareddi
Max demonstrated strong technical knowledge, which greatly contributed to the successful transition to the new system Shift4. His ability to grasp and effectively explain technical details to me and my staff was impressive. Additionally, his commitment to being accessible and supportive throughout the transition process was noteworthy. Mainly, his responsiveness and willingness to address concerns helped ensure a smooth transition for us.
Olivia Ramos
Olivia Ramos
Very well trained professional work done right! Best POS by far! Definitely will recommend to all my business friends. I really love that they have real technicians that come to assist next day. And their customers service is excellent 24/7. I always get an answer and a follow up! Thanks!
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Samurai 21
Working with Max have been great!!! He's always tries to help and get things done even if it's out of his reach. He even answer the email on weekends. Who does that? Max does, that's who.
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fanny .O
I’ve been doing business with Max & smart payment solutions it’s been a pleasure working with max. Always very professional, quick to respond to any questions I may have. Great costumer service!
Niroj Shrestha
Niroj Shrestha
Max is very helpful person. He helps me to install the equipment in my store and working fine.

What we offer

We offer a range of technology solutions for Micros Oracle POS.

Our solutions include free 24/7 POS support, integrated credit card processing, EMV chip readers, Apple Pay, terminals with signature-capture functionality, gift cards, integrated online ordering, ordering and payments with QR codes and mobile payments.

These solutions are designed to be fast, secure, and easy to use, ensuring that businesses can process transactions quickly and efficiently. All our solutions can integrate with the Micros Oracle POS, allowing businesses to manage all aspects of their payment processing from a single platform.


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