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Get the most out of your business with Micros touchscreens that are easy to use and perfect for any business environment. Enjoy crisp visuals and easy navigation with our Micros range of touchscreen monitors.

Micros Touch Screen Devices

When the micros systems first came out, they were analog systems, and now, they have passed through a series of evolution and technological advancements. Micros workstations are now touch screens and highly efficient. They come with high-speed, versatility, and other unique and useful features. Micros touchscreen workstations come with easily accessible interfaces, and they are very durable. At MICROS INTEGRATED PAYMENTS, we have quality micros touchscreen monitors guaranteed to help boost your business. In addition, our touchscreens are resilient; they can withstand different weather conditions.

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What are micros touch screens?

Micros touch screens are an advanced point-of-sale workstations guaranteed to bring huge positive impacts to a business. Touch screen devices are known for being highly functional and user-friendly, and that’s the case with our micros touch screens. The ability to easily navigate the software interface and, most importantly, provide its users with quality visuals places micros touchscreen monitors above other competitors. There are different types of micros touchscreen monitors, each with its amazing features. Some of these micros touch screens include Micros WS 4 systems, micros WS 5 systems and micros WS 6 systems. You can get any micros touch screen device from us at MICROS INTEGRATED PAYMENTS at competitive price rates. We will provide you with a discount based on the number of hardware that you need.

How do micro touch screens work?

Micros touch screens are resistive touchscreens that can be operated with just a light tap from the finger. They are easy to use, even for someone who is just starting in the restaurant industry. Once the micros touch screen monitor is turned on and ready to use, all you need to do is select any feature or option you would like to use, with just a tap on the screen, with your finger. Micros touch screens are fast, easy to operate. They come with both large or small screen sizes and an intuitive display system. New users can easily access the interface without much stress, and the touchscreen system is very user-friendly.

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What are the advantages of using a micros touch screen monitor?

The micros touch screen monitor comes with lots of benefits and advantages. These touchscreen devices are highly recommended for users interested in boosting quality of POS systems; thus, it increases efficiency in businesses, including time management and customer expectations. Some of the advantages of using a micros touch screen monitor are;

  • Easy interface accessibility: You can easily access any required feature; all that is required is a click.
  • Quick sales transaction: It saves time when handling and keeping track of transactions.
  • Efficiency: Micros touch screen monitor is highly efficient, and this reflects on the general efficiency level of the business. The easy accessibility of micros touch screens saves time, hence creating more time to focus on other aspects of the business.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: The smooth touchscreen surface makes it easy to clean and maintain; therefore, you can easily wipe fingerprints on the screen and other parts of the system.
  • It comes with self-service features: Anyone can operate a micros touch screen, including the customers, and they can use the self-service features without interfering with personal business details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Micros touch screens are compatible with all kinds of Micros products; you can easily use them on different software without compatibility issues. However, it is best to consider the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Micros touch screens are compatible with all kinds of Micros products; you can easily use them on different software without compatibility issues. However, it is best to consider the manufacturer’s recommendation.

When buying a micros touch screen monitor, you must select the most efficient one based on its features and specifications. It would be best to consider getting micros touchscreen monitors with advanced features for more productive performance. All micros touch screens are efficient, and what you buy depends on the type and size of business you run.
Here are some essential features to look out for when shopping for a micros touchscreen;

  • Processors: You need to choose a Micros touch screen monitor with powerful processors. The stronger the processor, the higher the level of the monitor’s efficiency. Intel core i5-8365UE quad-core 4.10 GHz processors will make a perfect selection.
  • RAM options: based on the level of data required to be stored in the system and the level of work, the high RAM option will be great, and it also controls the speed of the operating system. 8 GB RAM is a great option.
  • Storage: A high storage option is most preferred, anything from 64GB and above. With this, you can store a sizable about of data on the system. The more space the storage the system has, the higher its level of functionality.
  • Fan-less cooling system: This helps to reduce the risk of overheating. A system used at all times, from morning to closing hours, requires a fan-less cooling system to maintain a cool temperature. The fan-less cooling system also helps to prevent dust, grease, and other unwanted elements from circulating throughout the system. This is a very important feature for every Micros touchscreen. Shock and vibration resistance: This feature reduces power consumption and increases the overall performance of the POS system.
  • Operating systems: Ensure that the operating system of any micros touch screen monitor you buy is an updated version, as the speed level of the functional system depends on it.
  • Display specifications: This depends on the size of the screen you are going for and the screen display feature suitable for the user. Anti-glare options are also available on the display settings to help control the screen’s brightness.
  • Heat and moisture resistance: A resilient system that can withstand any weather conditions is always the best option. This is a feature to look out for, especially based on your business environment or location.
  • Removable media: External media storage is essential as it serves as a good backup system. You can always rely on your external media storage whenever you run out of storage space on your device.
  • Payment types: The new micros touch screens come with multiple payment types options; they can accept all payment types. Another good thing about this feature is its versatility, as it allows both offline and online use.

Micros touch screens are built for commercial purposes; with that in mind, they are designed to withstand hard conditions. Micros touch screen monitors are durable and resilient, but they still need to be handled with care. The durability of a micros touch screen depends on how well it is maintained and handled.

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What We Offer

Are you looking to get quality micros touchscreen devices for your business? MICROS INTEGRATED PAYMENTS is your one-stop solution. We have helped over two hundred customers to buy or upgrade their Micros POS systems, and we are ready to serve more customers.

We offer a range of technology solutions for Micros.

Our solutions include free 24/7 POS support, integrated credit card processing, EMV chip readers, Apple Pay, terminals with signature-capture functionality, gift cards, integrated online ordering, ordering and payments with QR codes and mobile payments.

These solutions are designed to be fast, secure, and easy to use, ensuring that businesses can process transactions quickly and efficiently. All our solutions can integrate with the Micros Oracle POS, allowing businesses to manage all aspects of their payment processing from a single platform.


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