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Dear potential customers. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about products and services that we offer for Micros Point of Sale systems.
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Apple Pay and Google Pay are popular electronic payment services that allow guests to make in-person payments with their mobile devices. Customers can easily scan their phone onto a payment terminal, which will read the payment information connected to the user’s Apple Pay or Google Pay account. This kind of transaction is more cost-effective for merchants because it qualifies as a purchase with a card present, rather than a manually entered transaction which costs more per transaction.

Some Micros software has yet to see further updates and developments since Oracle acquired the company in 2017. However, most Micros POS systems will still accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. Payment processors just need to have an NFC certification with Oracle Payment Interface (OPI). NFC-enabled payment terminals are essential to integrate into Micros POS systems.

We are happy to offer a simple integrated solution that enables restaurant owners and other merchants to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. Most of our Micros POS systems have Apple Pay and Google Pay capabilities, like the RES 3700 and Simphony models.

EMV chip readers are a newer and more secure way of conducting card transactions. Payment terminals with an integrated EMV chip reader are able to accept chip-enabled credit cards, which protects merchants and customers more than a traditional magnetic stripe. Chargebacks are a huge concern for merchants and they become drastically reduced with the implementation of EMV chip technology. Large credit card companies required that most business owners integrate chip readers with their payment terminals by October 2017.

There have been some delays in developments and updates since Oracle bought Micros in 2017. Luckily, a few other companies have decided to partner with Oracle and provide research and development for Micros POS systems.

In order to properly integrate with Micros POS, service providers must have an EMV certification with Oracle Payment Interface (OPI), payment processor integration, and supply PCI DSS-compliant EMV chip readers.

To help you stay compliant, we provide a fully integrated option for most Micros POS systems, including RES 3700 and Simphony. Our EMV chip readers help restaurant owners and other merchants avoid a loss of income due to credit card fraud and promote a more secure and compliant environment to conduct transactions.

Sometimes referred to as handhelds, wireless terminals help improve staff efficiency. Servers can take orders and payments on the spot, regardless of their location in the restaurant or even a hotel. Instead of a server needing to walk to a Micros workstation each time they need to perform a transaction, they can reserve that saved time to complete other tasks. Whether it means more time to tend to guests, or more time to do side work, overall efficiency stands to improve with the introduction of this technology.

Many of the Micros offices have closed since the company was acquired by Oracle, and there aren’t many other companies out there that focus on this kind of technology.

In order for this kind of payment processing and ordering technology to work, service providers should have an integration with a payment processor and Micros software with Oracle Payment Interface (OPI).

To help you stay ahead of the competition, we provide fully integrated tablets and wireless terminals that sync to your Micros Res 3700 or Simphony in real time.

QR codes are rising in popularity because of the ease of storing information and ability to conduct transactions. It’s becoming much more common now for QR codes to be synced with payment terminals, which is why this functionality was made available with Micros POS systems. Guests can easily place and order or make a payment by scanning QR codes in specific areas of a hotel or restaurant. In a hotel, you might notice QR codes in your room, a poolside area, and even rooftops. The goal is to make it as simple as possible for guests to place order whenever they desire.

The information stored in the QR code will direct a guest to an existing menu, where they can place a direct order that gets sent to the kitchen and can be located on any Micros workstation. QR codes can also be designated with table numbers so servers know exactly where they need to go.

At the end of a meal, guests will be able to use that same QR code to make a payment and close out their bill in the POS system.

You won’t find QR code functionality available on all Micros software, but more recent models like Simphony or RES 3700 will let you integrate QR code technology. Just make sure you have a transaction service (TSL) installed on your Micros in order to connect this functionality to your workstations.

Online ordering services have become an essential part of the restaurant business in recent years. Customers can conveniently place orders from the comfort of their own home, at work, or anywhere really! Guests can choose to pick up their order or have it delivered (if the restaurant offers delivery services) and even request their order be ready at a later specified time.

In order to set up online ordering technology on Micros POS, providers must have an integration with Transaction Service (TSL) to set up the proper connection with their workstations.

Once a guest places their order online, details will be sent directly to the restaurant’s Micros POS workstation, where FOH employees will be able to see the customer information, order details, and whether the order is for pickup or delivery. BOH employees will have all the details they need sent directly to the kitchen. Guests typically have the option to either pay with cash upon pickup or delivery or to prepay with a card and leave a tip.

Third-party delivery service companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash must have the same integration with TSL for those orders to properly show up in Micros POS.

To streamline your restaurant’s online ordering services, we offer a fully integrated online ordering solution that is compatible with our Micros Simphony and RES 3700 software.

If you want to give your guests the most convenient experience, you should always offer the ability to post charges to the hotel room. This way, guests can roam around your facilities freely without carrying around a wallet or purse. You can provide the option to charge to their room at each restaurant in the hotel, along with any other additional amenities you might offer, like a spa or entertainment venue. Upon checkout, guests can make payments accordingly and have any details explained to them by the front desk clerk.

To ensure a seamless experience, Micros POS systems must be integrated with a property management system (PMS) so that the right charges are reflected in the system. The Micros RES 3700 and Simphony have this technology conveniently built into the software already.

This kind of technology makes Micros POS extremely competitive in terms of hospitality management software and provides a well-rounded experience to hotel guests. We are pleased to offer direct integrations between Micros Simphony and Opera property management systems in order to provide an efficient working environment and seamless customer journey.

Once you invest in a Micros POS system, it’s important that you have technical support available to help you maintain smooth business operations. You can’t predict when your POS might act up, and if it’s during peak business hours, you’re putting yourself and your restaurant at risk. Tech support enables you to reach out to someone whenever you need to troubleshoot your Micros software.

When Oracle purchased Micros in 2017, many of the regional customer support offices had to close their doors. Unfortunately, this means that many merchants and restaurant owners were left to their own devices when dealing with various POS system issues. Even years later, people report having a lot of difficulties locating a former Micros dealer or any sort of tech with expertise in the software. This leaves many restaurant owners at a crossroads between keeping a system with no support or investing in a brand-new POS system that will require an additional investment of time and money.

Luckily, customers can connect with our help desk in Weehawken, New Jersey 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what day of the year it is, our support team can log in to your Micros system remotely and help troubleshoot issues related to programming, printing, and anything else that may arise. If we’re unable to resolve your problem remotely, we will arrange for a tech to physically visit your location and work on almost any Micros POS system, such as RES3700 and Simphony.

It’s becoming a lot more popular for restaurants to implement POS systems that have electronic signature capture capabilities. This improves overall efficiency by removing the need for physical record-keeping and making it easier to access specific transaction details as needed for taxes and other reasons.

Restaurant owners can start to benefit from digital signature capture when they use Micros POS systems. When you give customers the ability to sign right on the terminal touchscreen, all of the transaction details are immediately stored in the cloud. Any time that management needs to access specific receipts for chargebacks or other reasons, they can do so by filtering by card information, purchase date, or order total.

Traditional physical record keeping leads to boxes of receipts tucked away for years, with no real guarantee that your information is secure. Signature Capture makes the entire checkout process more efficient and secure for both you and your customer. Restaurants that operate on a quick-service basis can especially benefit from these features.

We are proud to offer integrated PCI-DDS-compliant payment terminals (Ingenico Lane 7000s) that are able to capture customers’ digital signatures and accept all kinds of payment methods. Customers can take advantage of Signature Capture functionality with the Micros Simphony.

One of the most effective marketing tools out there is a solid loyalty program. You can keep customers engaged with your business by awarding them points to redeem for different menu items. Providing some sort of value to a customer for them to return to your business could be the deciding factor between your establishment and another option on the table.

Software development for Micros systems was put to a halt after Oracle purchased the company in 2017. Despite Micros being an effective business solution, you might notice a slight difference in more advanced features in competing brands. However, there are third-party companies out there that are working on adding more modern features to Micros POS systems.

We are pleased to announce that we can offer our customers loyalty program functionality integrated directly into your Micros POS system. Using a guest’s phone number, the Micros system can identify a customer and add loyalty points directly to their account. Merchants can choose how they want guests to redeem points by selecting their preferences in the system settings. This convenient offering is compatible with the Micros Simphony system.

With a multitude of payment processing companies out there offering services for Micros POS, make sure you are selective and only use what is essential. You should always make sure you’re working with companies that stay up-to-date with developments and certify integration with Oracle Micros. When you ensure that your software is compatible with different integrations you make it easier for everyone to interact with your technology.

To help you stay on top of your restaurant business operations, we provide a range of products that you can integrate directly with your Micros POS system. Using our technology enables restaurants to measure up to and exceed their competition, taking advantage of cloud technology and other POS system software that is popular in today’s market.

You might find other companies out there that do some development for Micros POS systems, but we are proud to truly cover all the bases you need to get your systems up to par. With our various payment technology integrations, we can help you outlast the competition and improve your overall operations.

What our clients say about us

Dzhalsan Erdniev
Dzhalsan Erdniev
Thanks to Max’s insightful recommendations, our payment system is now more efficient and secure. We appreciate his commitment to finding solutions that meet our business needs
Valeria Sangaeva
Valeria Sangaeva
Thanks to Max! He is always ready to help with chargebacks, responds quickly and processes all documents. We have been working with him for many years. Highly recommend 👍
Victoria Artemenko
Victoria Artemenko
Great company and great service! I’ve been running a small salon and my technology is always up to date. Folks at Smart Payment Solutions are definitely on top of their game!
Chris Lypides
Chris Lypides
Thank you Max for providing top notch service!
Ramesh Jangareddi
Ramesh Jangareddi
Max demonstrated strong technical knowledge, which greatly contributed to the successful transition to the new system Shift4. His ability to grasp and effectively explain technical details to me and my staff was impressive. Additionally, his commitment to being accessible and supportive throughout the transition process was noteworthy. Mainly, his responsiveness and willingness to address concerns helped ensure a smooth transition for us.
Olivia Ramos
Olivia Ramos
Very well trained professional work done right! Best POS by far! Definitely will recommend to all my business friends. I really love that they have real technicians that come to assist next day. And their customers service is excellent 24/7. I always get an answer and a follow up! Thanks!
Samurai 21
Samurai 21
Working with Max have been great!!! He's always tries to help and get things done even if it's out of his reach. He even answer the email on weekends. Who does that? Max does, that's who.
fanny .O
fanny .O
I’ve been doing business with Max & smart payment solutions it’s been a pleasure working with max. Always very professional, quick to respond to any questions I may have. Great costumer service!
Niroj Shrestha
Niroj Shrestha
Max is very helpful person. He helps me to install the equipment in my store and working fine.


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