Tableside Ordering & Payments for Micros 3700 or Simphony

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What are Tableside Terminals and How They Work with Micros?

Tableside ordering & payment terminals have become a weight off the shoulders for restaurants with large dining areas, outside seating areas, or rooftop services.
They optimize table turnover by saving servers the time they would be spending completing transactions at the main Micros 3700 or Simphony workstations.
Servers can now place new orders and take payments directly from our handheld terminals. All new orders will print in the kitchen and show at Micros workstations.

What Are The Benefits of The Handheld Terminals for Micros?

Wireless POS terminals for Micros assist in turning tables faster and streamlining waitstaff efficiency; therefore, it is a great idea to implement this technology into any restaurant that operates accordingly.

Your new terminals will have the ability to print or email receipts. They also prompts each guest to leave a five star rating. All guest ratings are sent directly to management, so action can be taken accordingly to prevent customers from having unresolved incidents.

All terminals can split checks and take payments by cash or card. They accept EMV chip cards, Apple and Google Pay, magnetic stripe, and other contactless payment methods.
After guests settle their checks, the tickets will also automatically close on all main Micros workstations.

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What We Offer.

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We are committed to bringing value to your business as well as fair pricing structure that accurately reflects your business requirements and budget.


• Terminal Cost: All wireless terminals come with no upfront cost. There is a $15 monthly fee for each terminal. All of our payment terminals are PCI-DDS compliant. All terminals come with free installation, lifetime warranty and next-day replacements. We will provide a discount on all medium to large orders.

• Software Compatibility: All wireless terminals are compatible with all versions of Micros 3700, 9700 or Micros Simphony POS models.

• Turnaround Time: On average, it takes two weeks to deliver and install the terminals to all new locations. Faster turnaround time is available on a case by case basis.

• Installation: Initial and all other installations are handled by our onsite technicians; installations take 1-2 hours; all installations come at no additional charge.

• Technical Support: We will provide 24/7 free remote and onsite technical support to all of our new and existing customers.

• Merchant Account Details: All payments are processed in-house. All accounts fall under the next day funding.


Feel free to send us a message. We will provide all the information regarding pricing when you speak with a representative during a consultation call.

Equipment that we use

720 tablet features

'720' handheld tablet

Our convenient eight inch tablet mimics the layout of your Micros workstation.
It enables staff to seamlessly take orders at the different service areas.
720 tablet cannot accept payment at the moment.

Pax A930 EMV wireless terminal

Pax A930 is seamlessly integrated to the Micros POS. It enables you with the ability to take orders & payments directly at the tables. Every step syncs to all of the POS stations and kitchen printers.

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